About Sarah

Hi, I am Sarah Webb, I am based in Ascot, Berkshire and have been in baby and childcare since 1989.

I trained as a birth and postnatal Doula with Nurturing Birth in 2010, and I am a member of Doula UK. I then developed my skills and qualified as a pregnancy, postnatal and parent and baby yoga instructor with Sally Parkes in 2018. I still work supporting families with new babies postnatally, through the early weeks of parenthood and beyond.

I specialise in multiple births, with twins and triplets and love the challenges this work can bring. Before becoming a Doula I worked as a private Nanny, Maternity Nurse, Proxy Parent and Housekeeper. After my daughter was born in 2007, I also worked as a Childminder for a few years.

What People Say

Newborn Baby's Feet
"Doing postnatal yoga with Sarah has been a very important part of recovering my body and mental strength after a tough pregnancy and delivery. I learnt the value of “less is more” and I’ve gained a great awareness of my body. Every session was tailored to my ability and personalised to work on my changing body and mental needs. Sarah is not only amazing with the mums but with the babies too, so every session was productive, relaxed and insightful."
Y and Baby R
"I first started yoga nidra with Sarah when I was around 8 months pregnant. As soon as I walked into Sarah’s home I felt instantly calm and at ease, it’s the perfect environment to really let go and relax. I had never tried yoga nidra before so wasn’t sure exactly what it was or if I would like it! Sarah did an amazing job of explaining what it was all about before we started. I was made to feel very comfortable with all of the props .... even with my huge bump! I love that an intention was set which was personal to me right at the start. I absolutely loved the session and was eager to go back for more! Which I did! I carried on through the end of my pregnancy and also continued after. I found Yoga nidra with Sarah such a special practice. It made me feel re-centred, empowered and most importantly calm. I also signed up for the postnatal yoga, which really helped me to get my core strength back after birth before returning to higher impact exercise. Sarah was so great at helping me get into different postures whilst also taking personal needs into account. M, my newborn son, joined for these sessions and no matter what he threw at us we always managed to have a great session, even if Sarah did end up cuddling him most the time haha. I can’t thank Sarah enough for introducing me to such a fantastic, calming and enlightening practice in such a fabulous way and would recommend to all. Namaste. "
C and Baby M
"When I was 7 months pregnant I started two yoga classes to help stretch out in those last few months of pregnancy. They were good, but I was looking for something more personable. I saw Sarah’s pregnancy yoga classes advertised on Facebook, saw that she was only 15 minutes from me and loved the fact that she was a doula too. The classes were small, a lot more personalised care and attention offered and a feeling of calm throughout the whole one hour and a bit session. I had a four week block before my due date and stayed in touch over that time too when things were going a bit too long in labour! Sarah’s breathing techniques and poses really helped me stay mobile when I could in labour. Six months after I had my son, I joined Sarah’s class for post natal yoga and was able to take my baby with me. He had great fun on the mat with his toys watching Mummy and that hour really helped me have some time for myself amid the busy newborn life, not to mention the aches and pains! So if you are looking for personalised yoga classes either before or after your baby arrives; I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough. I know when I haven’t been to yoga for a while, my body tells me and I start to miss it!"
S and Baby C
Sarah is fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She started working for our family in October 2019 when my daughter was born. Sarah offered moral and practical support and nothing was too much trouble. Sometimes she would care for the baby, sometimes she would play with my 4 year old and sometimes she would tidy the kitchen and offer a listening ear and a cup of tea to me. We particularly appreciated her calm, unobtrusive manner and her non-judgemental style. She fitted into the family really easily and her support definitely allowed us to enjoy those new baby days. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a postnatal doula.
Gillian - baby E & big brother M

Call Sarah: 07771 786 325, or send a message via the contact page