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My aim as a postnatal Doula is to support the new parents in whatever their needs are. Every session with a family is different. I support with care of the baby or babies, also with any siblings.

I encourage the new mum to rest, and I also help with household tasks.

I am available weekdays from early morning through to late into the evening, and I also offer overnight support.

Some weekends are available on request.

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What People Say

My family and I had the great pleasure of having a Sarah work with us following the birth of our twins. Sarah had come to us highly recommended, and she lived up to, and exceeded that recommendation. We engaged Sarah as our postnatal Doula, where her responsibilities lay in helping me with the twins in our home, staying on top of day to day chores and helping with our older daughter. She continued to work for us in that capacity for over 10 months. Sarah’s experience was a true godsend, not only in her incredibly wide-ranging knowledge of babies and children but also in her experience of dealing with multiple births. This was incredibly comforting and reassuring in the very early stages of the twins lives. As they got older, Sarah’s experience was critical in enabling to help us navigate through many of the issues that confront babies in their first year. Further, for me in particular, it was incredibly reassuring to have her at close hand to help me navigate through sometimes a very tricky and emotional period. Sarah has an incredibly professional attitude to her work but is also very warm, calm and great fun. She is very respectful of family integrity and always seemed to know what to say and do at the right time. She fitted into our home and our lives without complication and most importantly, all three of my children adore her! I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone having any number of babies!
A with twins T & E & big sister T
Sarah is fantastic. I cannot recommend her enough. She was our postnatal doula for 7 months following the birth of our twins. When I was 6 months pregnant we met for a coffee and a chat and I was completely at ease and confident she was right for us straight away. She was able to answer all my questions and guide me through the typical engagement and ways of working of a postnatal doula. Once the babies arrived Sarah was there for us when we needed her. She was there to support me as well as the twins. No ask was too little or too big. Her advice and guidance was paramount in me keeping my sanity and Sarah endured many many questions from me and my partner throughout this time. She cared for the twins by herself too so that I could get some well needed sleep or even some fresh air. She felt like a baby whisperer at times, getting the twins safely swaddled and to sleep way faster than I ever could, even placing them in their cribs without disturbing me. Not having family nearby meant that Sarah was a godsend and there was a sense of relief when she walked through the door. If I could keep my postnatal doula forever, I would keep Sarah. We miss her.
Nicola - twins H & E

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